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Thursday 2 January 2020

Me-Mades in 2019 - A Year In Review

2019 in the year of sewing has been an absolute joy.

I've had more time in front of my machine then I have had in over six years.

I celebrated my ten year sewing anniversary, and I fell head over heals in love with hand sewing and tailoring. I made my first (and second!) hand sewn, tailored jacket and I'm making good strides on my first three piece SUIT.

Click above to see more progress shots

I've had the extreme pleasure of being interviewed for 'Sew Organised Style' Podcast, been featured in 'Sewn Magazine', participated in two 'Celebrity Copy Cat Challenges' with my friend Faith, and got to indulge in the #sewfrosting delight that is Melbourne Frocktails!

Clockwise from top left: 1. Podcast episode with 'Sew Organised Style'  2. Sewn Magazine Feature 3. Olivia Palermo copy-cat challenge 4. Rihanna copy-cat challenge

This year I have made the total of 25 new garments (three not yet blogged), which include:

Judging by the above data (Oh my God how good is a pie chart, though?!!) in 2019 you were likely to see me make a dress using silk with a solid colour.

On Reflection

There's nothing like the closing of a year to make you stop and reflect back.

I know new years resolutions can seem like a set up, but I love the energy and hope that surrounds the early weeks of a new year, where anything and everything is possible and people seem more engaged and optimistic.

In 2020 I hope to see more hand-sewn, couture additions to my wardrobe and I am excited and grateful for the new year ahead.

THANK YOU to my readers for all your love and support you've shown me and my makes this year; it means more than you know <3

Scroll below to see all my makes for 2019 - CLICK ON THE IMAGES to be directed to the blog post :)

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