Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Truth Time! Just how many of my makes have I never worn?!

Julia Bobbin

Since I started sewing back in 2009 I've made A LOT of clothes. My obsessive personality mixed with the awesomeness of being able to create your own clothes meant that a warehouse of fabric has been pushed through my sewing machine.

I've spent countless hours fantasising about what I want to make for my next zillion projects and how exactly I was going to make them happen. There's been a lot of failed projects that have never made it to this blog, and a lot victory's too.

But here's the thing, in my obsession to make everything that comes into my head, practical or not, I've ended up creating a cupboard full of garments that I have hardly worn or have NEVER worn!

I think we all have this idea of our own personal style and what we fancy we would wear on an everyday basis, but when that cheeky little thing called 'practicality' comes into the picture, we end up dragging the old basic out of our cupboard.

How I think I'm going to wear Vs what I actually end up wearing
So I thought I would go through my old projects and actually look at what I wear regularly as opposed to what I hardly wear or have never worn.

Maybe I'll even learn something ... bahaha ... so hard to type that with a straight face ...

Surprisingly some of my favourite dresses that I have made are in my 'never worn' pile. Admittedly I do have an affinity for evening wear so a lot of dresses I've hardly worn simply because I haven't had opportunities to wear them.

So here are my blogged projects listed into three categories:

  1. Worn 5+ times
  2. Worn less than 5 times
  3. Never worn
Click on the pictures below to view the original blog post:



I think the above shows how inconsistent my style is, but that's what I love about fashion: the ability to change up your looks every day to suit your mood. Most of these garments are pretty comfortable and practical, even if some of them are little on the fancy side.


Most of the garments in this pile would get more wear but just haven't yet had the opportunity. For example it's summer in Australia at the moment so my sweaters are not currently in rotation. Also a few of these garments are maternity dresses and there aint no human camping out in there at the moment.


Most of the stuff in my 'never worn' pile has made it there because it was either a little bit too dressy for a normal outing, or by the time I had an event to wear it to I already had an idea in my head for a new dress. #sewingproblems

36% of my garments I wear regularly
38% of my garments I've only worn a handful of times, and
26% of my garments I've never worn. Yikes!

Regardless of how much or how little I've worn my handmade clothes I love them all.

Thoughts? Which one of my 'never worn' garment should I wear immediately?

So what about you? Do you have an outfit that you wear over and over and one that you hardly ever wear? Am I the only one? Let me know!