Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Winter Street Dress

The Winter Street Dress - Julia Bobbin

When the days get shorter and the mornings get colder you know that moody little winter is about to come and rain on your parade. (get it?!) What better way to pull yourself out of winter depression than to make yourself a nice dress. Take that winter!

Introducing the Winter Street Dress by Deepika, the seamstress behind PatternReview.com.

When Deepika asked if I'd like to be a pattern tester for this new bad boy I was both thrilled and a little scared. I'd had such success with my recent first ever knit project where I made two awesome tops. But how would I go making a whole dress in stretch?

I need not have worried because this pattern was easy, fast and looks good too. Hooray!

The Winter Street Dress - Julia Bobbin

Pattern Details
I cut bodice in a size 6, the waist a size 4 and the skirt a size 8.
The dress is sewn with knit/stretch fabrics, unlined and notion free (celebrate!!) The bodice is made for a C cup.
I used a heavy weight ponte knit in a perfect navy blue.

The Winter Street Dress - Julia Bobbin
The Winter Street Dress - Julia Bobbin

I cut the sleeves at the required length for the frill variation but just didn't add the frill. I really like the sleeves this length.

I accidentally attached the neck binding as a facing rather than  a border along the neck, but it still looks good and I might even prefer it this way!

If I make this again I will lengthen the bodice as it sits above my natural waist. I'm pretty short in the torso too, so if you have a long bodice definitely add length.

My mistake
Have you spotted it yet? I accidentally sewed the hem on the freaking outside.  I would have made a few sailors blush by my outbursts when I realised my mistake. This has since been fixed, but not in time for the photos. Lesson: Drink more coffee.

The Winter Street Dress - Julia Bobbin
The Winter Street Dress - Julia Bobbin

I am so loving this breezy world of stretch sewing!
I love how there is no gather at the sleeve heads, and I love the simple but flattering shape of this dress. It is such a comfortable dress to throw on and would be perfect for work or on the weekend. Thanks Deepika for a fabulous pattern!

The Winter Street Dress - Julia Bobbin

Sunday, 6 April 2014


If you stop and listen carefully you might be able to hear it. A faint high pitched squeal that's not dissimilar to the sound a jacket potato makes when you put in the oven to bake and forget to poke holes in it (really creepy if you've ever experienced it). It's the sound of me squealing with excitement all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Why?



If you've been following on Instagram you may have already seen me reveal a few gems.
But now it's time for the whole ENCHILADA!

So sit down, put on some red lipstick and enjoy!

Click on the buttons below to see all your inspired creations for each character:

Is your outfit missing? Please email me if your outfit is not showing!

Stay tuned for next week's blog post; we have some fabulous vintage brooches from Ruemiraldi to give away. 

It is FREAKING ME OUT how awesome these creations are! This is always my favourite time of the year and I'm continuously inspired by this community. Thanks to everyone who took part in the challenge; you all look fabulous!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Pattern Anthology - Just Add Jeans

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

... Or a black pencil skirt. Huzzah!

When Andrea from Pattern Anthology emailed me to ask if I would like to play with their brand new fourth pattern collection, I fist pumped the air ... and then replied yes - because emails can't see fist pumps ...

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology
The collection is made up of four stretch patterns for us la-la-ladies and are made for the lass who wants to be both stylish AND comfortable. Yes ladies, a garment can be both. What WHAT? 

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

The reason I didn't know this, is because ... I'VE NEVER SEWN WITH STRETCH BEFORE!!!

Woh, sorry(not sorry) about the shouting there, but these patterns weren't just a revelation for me, they were a game changer! You mean I don't have to stay standing upright in my tight dress all day because I've eaten too much and bending will make me vomit out of my eyes? I can wear clothes that will stretch with me?


Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

I made up two versions of the Parisian and I freaking LOVE this pattern. Not only is the pattern super comfortable but it's so fast to make up!!! I mean you don't have to line stretch. You don't even have to ... now this is a big one ... finish the edges! GASP! I spent a good two minutes head butting the wall mindlessly as punishment for not having tried stretch sooner (bad dobby!)

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

The instructions are wonderful and put me the beginner stretch-seamstress right at ease with heaps of helpful tips for sewing with stretch fabric.

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

The pattern features a peter-pan collar and gorgeous puff sleeves that are the perfect amount of puff.

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

The lovely people at Girl Charlee fabrics supplied some fabric for this project, and people I went a little overboard. Given I'm partial to fabric stashing, and the fact that I did not yet have a stretch stash, I may or may not have bought over seven different types of fabric. I mean the selection was cray-cray!

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

I mean would you look at this fabric??!!! It has skulls and freaking roses! I mean seriously! I dare you NOT to buy this fabric. It's a cotton spandex knit fabric and it feels like you're wearing butter and gives you that wonderful feeling that only good quality fabric can give you.

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

The second top is also from Girl Charlee fabrics and is made of a lucious navy blue solid ponte de roma and it could be one of the most comfortable fabrics I've ever worn. 
I contrasted it with a floral knit that I also got from Girl Charlee and I love the sweet touch it gives the top.

So the general theme of these tops is that they can easily be thrown on with a pair of jeans. Except I'm more of a pencil skirt sort of gal. Here I am wearing it with a skirt I made a million years ago (it wasn't as tight then!) The good news is that these tops go perfectly with a fancy skirt both tucked in or out!

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

Um ... zip, zilch, nada! Praise the Lord!
I made the top in a small size as I likes my stuff nice and fitted. The good thing about stretch is it's very forgiving on sizing. I probably could have done an FBA, but I think it still looks good. P.s. the instructions come with FBA instructions so you don't have to try and work it out yourself. Winning.

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

Fast and easy to make, these tops are effortless, gorgeous and comfortable; a definite keeper. And it has smoothly introduced me to the world of knit fabrics, a world I used to run screaming away from. Consider me converted.

These patterns will be touring the blogs over March, so check out these other fabulous bloggers to see their awesome versions!

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Mad Men Challenge
How's everyone coming along with their Mad Men outfits? Only a few weeks left!  I'm loving seeing the pics coming into my inbox. For more details on the sew-a-long click here!

Julia Bobbin - Parisian by Pattern Anthology

So who else in a knit-fabric convert? Let's be friends!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

MAD MEN Challenge 3 - You IN?

Ladies and gentleman of the sewing world ... it's Mad Men time!

The TV series that we have been swooning over for the last six seasons will be airing part 1 of it's FINAL season this April.  That means another season of fabulous and give-it-to-me-now vintage fashions for us to indulge ourselves with. And for those of us in the sewing world, we know what this means ...


Can I get an amen?

Recreate a Mad Men dress that you love. It doesn't have to be an exact copy, you can just be inspired by the style of the 50's, 60's and early 70's.

Why take part:

I love this sewing community and group challenges are a great way to meet other like minded vintage lovers. It's so rewarding to set yourself a sewing goal, and we all get to be inspired by the beautiful creations that people make.

What's more it's a great way to discover new blogs to follow and to get yours out there. Don't have a blog? No worries! You don't need to have one to be part of the fun.

What you need to do:

Make your garment and then if you have a website do a blog post about it. Then ...

Email me at julia(at)juliabobbin(dot)com the following:

  • A photo of you wearing the garment that you made
  • A photo of the inspiration dress/character - remember it doesn't have to be a copy it can just be inspired by a dress/character
  • A link to your blog post showing your finished dress. Make sure you blog about your garment before you send me the images so that I have a blog post to reference. Don't have a blog? No worries! You only need to provide your blog details if you want to. Plenty of people took part in past challenges that didn't have a blog.
  • Your name (or alter-ego) and your blog name.

Once I have received the above information I will respond with a confirmation within three days that it has been received.

Got any questions? Still not sure what you have to do? Just send me an email!

Shout it from the rooftops!
Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III

For those of you who want to let people know they are taking part in the challenge, here is a button you can proudly post on your blog:

Due By:
Send the above details to me by Tuesday, April 1st – that gives us about six weeks to create a masterpiece!

The Big Reveal:
I will then post up everyones photos and blog links on Sunday, April 6th 

Need Inspiration?
  • Check out the Mad Men challenge from 2013 and 2012. It'll blow your mind!
  • Head over to my Mad Men pinterest board for lots of pics of fabulous get-ups from the show.
  • Check out my previous Mad Men dresses below:

So ... You in? 
Say yes yes yes!! (will also accept just one yes).

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Colour Blocked Laurel + Coming soon: Mad Men Dress Challenge!

Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns

Um ... Happy New Year peeps! Yeah that's right, it's freaking 2014 and I haven't blogged since December 2013. Whaaaaa? Julia, put the egg-nog down!

Don't worry, I haven't just been in my pyjamas this whole time eating christmas chocolate (much). I've also made a few things, and here is one of my latest:

Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns

It's another Laurel by Colette Patterns! This is the second time I've made this dress and once again it was an easy-breezy quick sew and a pleasure to make. You can check out my first Laurel here.

Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns
Two Laurel's side by side

I made the sleeveless version using suiting fabric and bias binding to finish the sleeves and neck edge.

Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette PatternsJulia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns

I shorted the dress by about four cm and took the side seams in slightly around the waist. This gave the dress just a little bit more shape but still kept the loose fitted structure of a shift dress.
Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette PatternsJulia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns

I also cut the pattern into three pieces to make a colour blocked effect, and now I just want to colour block everything! I love the combination of white, grey and yellow.

Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns

Shoes - Piccola Italy by Joanne Mercer in brown
Necklace - Neon Geometric by LiKeGjewelry

Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns

This dress is super comfortable to wear and is getting a real work out this Australian summer! I love how easy it is to jazz up with a pretty necklace and I especially love how fast and simple it is to sew. Its a winner!

Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns

Recent Indulgent Purchases:
So if you've been following my instagram, you may have seen my latest two babies:  Two amazing necklaces from Strangely Yours

A mini sewing machine complete with its own little spool of thread. Oh, and it says 'Julia Bobbin' on it. SHUT-UP!
And a mini polaroid camera, that has a little photo that pops in and out. That's a tiny photo of me and my two faves. It is so freaking cute that it burns my eyes!

Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette PatternsJulia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns

Coming soon ... Mad Men Dress Challenge Number 3!! Yes that's right, it's that time of the year again where we all get together and indulge ourselves with fabulous vintage sewing inspired by the TV show Mad Men! 

It's a ridiculous amount of fun and I absolutely love seeing what everyone comes up with! I'll be posting details about it in the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out the last two years Mad Men Sew-a-longs to get yourselves excited!

Julia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette PatternsJulia Bobbin - Colour blocked Laurel by Colette Patterns

Eek! I am loving 2014 so much already! I can't wait to sew with everyone this year!