Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Coloured Glass - Vogue 1207

 silk twill, julia bobbin, vogue 1207

FACT:  I currently have no nose hairs in my nostrils.

**Serious gross out alert**

That's right, I recently had the insides of my nostrils waxed and it was one of the most bizarre and oddly satisfying experiences I've gone through, and more than a little bit gross. If you all just vomited a little bit in your mouth I apologize. Let's do this.

It's always a little bit awkward when you first bring up the idea of nose waxing to your long term waxer-lady and in a heart beat she responds with over-enthusiasm that I should give it a shot. Good God, how long as she been doing my waxing and staring at my nose like it's an overgrown garden?

Initially I was a little bit nervous. I've plucked a hair out of my nose before and it felt like it was rooted all the way to the back of my brain, such was the sharp, tear-inducing pain that I felt. And secondly, how the heck do you wax something in a small little space like your nostril?

Here's how: she put a ball of hot wax on the end of an ice-cream stick (I kid you not) and then jammed it in my nose, twisting it around so that it covered the walls of my nostril. Then she just let it hang out there. To further ridicule me perhaps, or maybe just so the wax could dry. Whatever. That could have been my most un-sexy moment to date. I felt some distorted version of lady Ga-Ga and not in a good way. Having ice-cream sticks hanging out of your nose is not exactly high fashion.

Then in a moment of truth, the ice-cream stick is yanked (gasp) out of my violated nostril, which I can only imagine is what it must feel like to have your brains yanked out of your head mummification style. You should have seen the amount of hair that was stuck to that gloop of wax. It was like looking at a hair brush. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt. Maybe I was in too much shock to feel any pain. I have to admit, I'm really liking the hair free result, and I feel like I can breathe so much easier!
Any one else done this before?

And aren't you all glad you know that little bit more about me now? **cough**

Right, now I will get back to the actual subject of this blog post, which is the dress I made with Vogue pattern 1207.
 silk twill, julia bobbin, vogue 1207silk twill, julia bobbin, vogue 1207


I made this dress over a year ago out of beautiful silk twill from Tessuti Fabrics The fabric was very appropriately named 'Coloured Glass' and it looks like the beautiful stained glass windows of Churches.

 silk twill, julia bobbin, vogue 1207

I love the wide front neckline of this pattern and the soft pleated detail on the sleeves.

 silk twill, julia bobbin, vogue 1207

It also has a lovely low V shaped back, which I've always been a fan of.

I'm happy with the overall look of this finished dress but I had some serious issues with it.
Oh boy.

silk twill, julia bobbin, vogue 1207

I made this dress in a 12 without doing my usual adjustments (shortening the bodice) and boy was that a mistake. The back was so gapey with the low V that I couldn't walk a few steps without the top falling down and indecently exposing myself! Yikes.
I ended up shortening the back by putting in some not so perfect darts on the back V near the waist, a total of seven cm's taken in on each side. I have a shorter torso, but that was a pretty big chunk off the back. Lucky for me the print is very busy so you really can't see the darts.
I strongly recommend you make a draft of the torso first before cutting up your fabulous fabric. It is very likely if you are short on the torso that you will need to take it in.

I also took issue with the pleats around the waist on the bodice and skirt. Even in this flowy fabric, the pleats really stuck out which made the dress look a bit frumpy side on. The dress looks a lot better with a belt, like in the pictures, which pulls it in a bit more on the waist.

 silk twill, julia bobbin, vogue 1207

Overall I'm happy with the dress, but it did require quite a few adjustments, so if you're thinking of giving it a go, make sure you make a muslin first!

silk twill, julia bobbin, vogue 1207

I hope you and your nostrils have a wonderful July 4th!